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WRC 7 PS4-Playable

Test yourself in the 13 FIA World Rally Championship rallies and 52 special stages, with their true-to-life environments. Play as the best drivers in the Championship at the wheel of their new, faster, more powerful, and more responsive cars. Pick a car from prestigious makers like Hyundai, Toyota, Citroën, and Ford, perfectly recreated for a life-like driving experience. 55 official teams to choose from, including a wide selection of WRC 2 and WRC Junior drivers. The 13 Epic Stages offer an unprecedented gaming experience with special stages that last more than 15 minutes: the ultimate endurance test for both drivers and WRC fans!

  • New physics bring all the power of the WRC 2017 cars to life.
  • Completely overhauled tracks provide an ultra-realistic driving experience.
  • Local split-screen multiplayer.
  • New online challenges each week.


Download (split 4GB each file) pt1






Release Name: WRC_7_PS4-Playable
Release Date: 02/06/2018
Rar No:       93*200MB
Serial No:    CUSA-08226
Region:       Europe
Langs:        En
Format:       .pkg
Notes:        Updated to 1.06

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