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Worms Battlegrounds PS4-Playable

Worms Battlegrounds is an artillery strategy video game developed and published by Team17. It was released on 30 May 2014 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and is largely a console port of the PC game Worms Clan Wars. Set within a world history museum, the single-player story follows the player’s worms attempt to retrieve the concrete donkey’s stone carrot from Lord Crowley-Mesmer, a worm who is using it to try to take over the world. The game is narrated by Tara Pinkle, who is voiced by Katherine Parkinson.




Release Name: Worms_Battlegrounds_PS4-Playable
Release Date: 05/06/2018
Rar No:       46*50MB
Serial No:    CUSA-00824
Region:       Europe
Langs:        En
Format:       .pkg
Notes:        Updated to v1.01

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    I downloaded the Game, but I don’t know what I must do!
    Half file is .rar and other half is .r33 (if i don’t mistake)
    Help plz


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      You’ll need to start extracting from .rar file, just right click on that file and select “Extract Here” and you’ll get the .pkg file.


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