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Silence PS4-Playable

Silence is a plane of existence on the cusp between life and death, and it was originally introduced back in 2009’s The Whispered World, when it was known as Silentia. It’s not an idle change. Just as its name has shifted from its Latinesque form to simple English, so too is the world itself now more approachable for players wishing to test themselves against its many puzzles. Sometimes, in fact, it pushes that accessibility to extremes, and also pushes some of its characters off the stage too soon, but its lush imagery and interactive elements usually yield an escape as welcome for players as the world of Silence does for its heroes.


Download (split 4GB each file)


Release Name: Silence_PS4-Playable
Release Date: 06/06/2018
Serial No:    CUSA-03174
Region:       Europe
Langs:        Audio: En,De
Text: En,De,It,Sp,Fr,Cn,Jp
Format:       .pkg
Notes:        Updated to v1.01

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