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Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash

Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash PS4-LiGHTFORCE

The buxom shinobi of SENRAN KAGURA have fought rival ninja, evil masterminds, and apocalyptic demons, but nothing in their lives has ever prepared them for… a water gun fight?! Summoned to a mysterious tournament, they have no choice but to soak, splash, and steamroll their opponents!

Assemble a five-girl team from over 30 characters, choose from 10 weapons, customize your team with perks from hundreds of collectible cards, and get ready for all kinds of hot summer action. Play through 55 story levels and four side tournaments in Single Splash, or choose Multi-Splash for five-on-five competitions and four-player co-op.


Download (split 4GB each file) pt1




Senran Kagura - Peach Beach Splash (c) PQube

<--( Release Information )------------------------------------- ----- -->

Console System.: Sony Playstation 4    -  Region........: Europe
Game Type......: Voyeur Wateraction    -  Languages.....: English Subs
Backup Format..: PKG                   -  Size/Format...: 10.35 GB
Release Date...: 2018-07-15            -  Orginal.......: Disc
Street Date....: 2017-09-22            -  Tested with...: FW 5.05 + HEN

Languages: Japanese Speech with English Subtitles

Game Code: CUSA08343

Game Version: 1.03 (Update included)

Funny Note:
Version 1.03 added a VR Mode!
Play with VR mode has been added to the dressing room / showers.
You can play in character viewer or diorama modes using VR.
VR is optional - you dont really need it. 🙂

<--( How to use this release)---------------------------------- ----- -->

1. Run an Exploit on your PS4 with firmware 5.05.
2. Go to Debug Settings and then Game and Package Installer.
3. Use a exFAT formatted USB Stick with the pkg on it and install the
4. Start it and have fun!

<--( Greetings / Respects )------------------------------------ ----- -->

Eurasia - Paradox - Venom - Abstrakt - Squire - Hellfire - TRSi
Pussycat - Contrast - Kalisto - Legacy - Complex - Fairlight - Oldskool
BigBlueBox - Duplex - HR

- F A S T E R - T H A N - L I G H T - S I N C E - 1 9 8 7 -

Contact: lfc1987 at

Ascii & Design by: Rotox! / Art Productions 2oo1.

LiGHTFoRCE'2o18 .

P R O U D L Y   |        |   P R E S E N T S


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