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Risen 3 Titan Lords Enhanced Edition

Risen 3 Titan Lords Enhanced Edition PS4-DUPLEX

The award-winning PS3 RPG comes to PS4 with all DLC included.


Award-winning RPG Comes to PS4

Risen 3 is made for players looking for a more classic experience, that hearkens back to the day when games refused to hold your hand and left your path and destiny up to you. It’s a game driven by these fans, built around their feedback in order to deliver what they’ve come to love and expect from a Piranha Bytes game.

Risen 3 doesn’t seek to serve up its gameplay on a silver platter. You can explore the world, but be ready for danger. There might be a valley where you stumble upon a huge monster that blocks your way. Be careful which characters you trust – some might ally with you with the intent of killing you.

The fighting system has been completely reworked, with new animation systems in place that add nuance to the fights – how does this creature behave? What are its weak points? Timing is key, as a slip of the sword can easily result in death.


Freedom to Explore

The world of Risen has been threatened from the start by powerful magical creatures called Titans. This culminated in an open war in the last installments of the Risen series.

The war between titans continues to devastate the world, causing people to flee from hunger and death. Their raging has called a new threat is rising from the ground – a classical and literal element of the Risen-Series. A shadow is threatening the land.

At the beginning of our new game, the new player knows nothing about this. On one of his missions, he is caught in an ambush of the shadow. A dark creature emerges and sucks out his soul. This is how we start, weakened, half alive and half dead, put on an uncertain and dangerous quest to regain wholeness.


Download (split 4GB each file) pt1




Risen 3 Titan Lords - Enhanced Edition

Date      : 02-2018                   Languages: Eng
Platform  : PS4 Fw 4.05               Genre    : Sports

Release Notes:

CUSA 02017


For now, in order to play our rips you will need :

- a PS4 with Firmware 4.05
- a computer to run the PS4 Exploit Host :


- Unpack PS4 Exploit Host on your computer
- Configure your PS4 to use your computer's IP as DNS servers
- Format your USB drive/key to exFAT
- Copy our .pkg file to the root of your USB drive/key
- Plug your USB drive/key to one of the USB ports of your PS4
- On your PS4, go to 'Settings', 'User's Guide'
- Start one of the exploits, i.e. CelesteBlue123/LightningMods' one
- Go to Debug Settings / Game / Package Installer
- Install our .pkg and start the game
- Enjoy !

Enjoy This Fine DUPLEX Release

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