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Raiden V Directors Cut

Raiden V Directors Cut PS4-HOODLUM


Arcade hit Raiden first left its mark on the shooting genre 25 years ago. The easy to learn, hard to master series comes to the PS4 in its most modern and advanced form yet! Join the war for Earth’s future-where the tide of battle holds constant surprises.


Game Modes:

  • Story Mode – All new story full of twists and turns! The story alters depending on your performance!
  • Boss Mission – Defeat bosses under special conditions and compete in the leaderboards!
  • Gallery – Dozens of character, concept, and game art waiting to be unearthed!



  • Supports 1 – 2 players (offline)
  • Director’s Cut exclusive levels
  • 3 distinct ships with different Defense, Mobility, and Sub-Weapons
  • New ‘Cheer Attack’ that greatly boosts sub-weapons for a short time
  • Voice Acting for the first time in the series


Download pt1


Raiden V Director's Cut (c) UFO Interactive Games

Supplied by ....: HOODLUM          Release Date ..: 08/2018
Platform .......: PS4 Fw 5.05      Size ..........: 55x50mb
Languages ......: English          Game Code .....: CUSA-08107


1. Run exploit on your PS4 with firmware 5.05
2. Enter Debug settings / Game / Package installer
3. Format your usb device as exFAT and copy the .pkg onto it
and install the game from there.
4. Exit settings and play the game.

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Enjoy! Watch out for more releases from your heroes in HOODLUM!

HOODLUM - Definite Supremacy

Greetings to all those that deserve it and to the oldskoolers!
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