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Matterfall PS4-WaLMaRT

As a hero-for-hire, survive high-intensity side-scrolling war zones in vertical cities overrun by mysterious “smart matter”.

Weaponize alien tech to destroy enemies infected by deadly Red Matter – and control Blue Matter to manipulate the world and forge the path forward.

  • Combat enemies with a variety of powerful, high-end weapons
  • Perfect your performance in levels to rack up a higher score than your friends
  • Witness awe-inspiring visuals as Matter flows, glows, and explodes around you
  • Created by arcade experts Housemarque – makers of RESOGUN and Alienation





RLS.NAME....: Matterfall.PS4-WaLMaRT
PACKS.......: 78x50mb RARs              Region......: Europe
DATE........: 2018-06-08                FORMAT......: PKG
SOURCE......: Disc                      LANGUAGE....: English
PATCHLEVEL..: 1.0                       REQ. UPDATE.: 4.50

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