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Lawbreakers PS4-UNLiMiTED

LawBreakers challenges players with a new level of skill-based competition that gets you off the ground into a dynamic, 360 degree combat experience. It’s a vertical battle royale where skill determines who survives.

You’ll need to choose a role that matches your play-style and learn a variety of deep movement skills, combat abilities and weapon combos to step up and dominate the competition.

Compete in a new futuristic world from the mind of Cliff Bleszinski where the mysteries of a shattered moon unlock global gravity manipulation, pushing technology and combat to unseen heights. The rules of engagement have completely changed, as players team up and jump into the fierce, fast-paced conflict between the Law and the Breakers.


Download (split 4GB each file) pt1




- > LawBreakers < -

| DATE......:  06/18                     GENRE.......: Action
| SOURCE....:  Euro                      PLATFORM....: PS4 Fw 5.05 + Online|
| SiZE......:  tiny                      REGiON......: Free
| FORMAT....:  Fake PKG                  LANGUAGES...: Eng

Release Info:


Updated to v1.15

This game can only be played online and requires PSN Plus !!

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