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JAILBREAK PS4 4.55 How to Jailbreak for Dummies

Blog post







minute marks

2:00 Firmware discussion
11:00 Profile Discussion
34:00 Jailbreak Discussion
40:20 Link to the ESP8266 Board referenced


52:00 How to delete update on a Jailbroken PS4


53:36 Now that my PS4 is Jailbroken what can I do?
1:02:00 Linux Discussion
1:05:00 IDU LOOP FIX





1:06:00 PS2 DEMO



1:15:48 How to make a backup to usb and turn it into a pkg



1:16:00 storage options see below for more info
1:18:11 Where are da fpkg’s?


As of 04/08/2018 The 3 best methods of jailbreaking are in recommended order:


1 ESP8266 (Various Firmware. Stable and Loads Fast)

Here is a helpful tut I made:



2 Al Azif Local Host (Requires PC but is Flexible.)


How to use Al Azif is covered in this video here is a link to my files. Disregard issue described in video with latest version Al updated and fixed the issue:

Sharing Website


3 Web Host (Not recommended by me). More blogging info here:



At the 2:00 min mark I begin Firmware Discussion. Here is a link to where you can download 4.05/4.55 normal and recovery. Normal is if you are just updating your PS4. Recovery is if you are using a new Hard Drive on your PS4.

I would recommend if attempting to migrate a fpkg collection from 4.05 to 4.55 that you run the update from within the normal ps4 gui after running hen as seen here:



If installing a new HD I would do a reinit and reinstall of firmware via recovery. Either way make sure to backup first. THERE’S EVEN A PAYLOAD FOR IT NOW! MORE INFO HERE:

I did upgrade my internal to a 4TB drive. See the 2 part series here:

Part 1



Part 2


Link to my App to USB tutorial


Link to the USB HD I used:

Link to 4TB Internal 2.5 HD used:


This article was originally post on REDDIT credit to this user seanp2500

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