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Inside PS4-BlaZe

Hunted and alone, a boy finds himself drawn into the center of a dark project.

Inside is a video game by Playdead, the creators of the marvelous Limbo, who once again bet on the playable experience in 2D and the dark and lugubrious style of their artistic direction in a captivating dark world that stars a child who, during his adventure, dies in all imaginable ways. A game that combines platforms, puzzles and a story not without critical and intellectual capacity and with an important emotional charge.


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Supplier...: BlaZe TEAM           Release Date..: 01/05/2018
Ripper.....: BlaZe TEAM           Plataform.....: PS4
Protection.:                      N.Files.......: 24   x 50  mb
Packager...: BlaZe TEAM           Lenguage......: MULTi

Game ID: CUSA-02754 - EUROPE

Req. Firm: 4.50

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