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Hitman The Complete First Season

Hitman The Complete First Season PS4-GCMR

Hitman is a game for the times because it’s essentially about taking revenge on the impossibly rich – not just by killing them outright, but by breaching their sanctums, winding your way into their routines, impersonating their most trusted confidantes or protectors and, in general, hollowing their lives out until the final blow comes to seem like an act of mercy. It’s not just a question of murder, but dethronement, as you sniff out various bankers, generals, celebs or black market gun-runners at the height of their affluence and bring them rudely crashing earthwards.

The key break from tradition in this, the sixth game in the series, is its episodic release strategy, which has helped developer Io Interactive and Square Enix introduce a new generation of players to the age-old practice of replaying maps to slaughter different targets in ever-more underhand, gruesome or just plain stupid ways. With months to burn between map drops, and a wealth of optional objectives, more challenging “Escalation” hits and player-created Contracts to carry out, there’s never been greater reason to dip back into a chapter.


Download (split 4GB each file) pt1












Name.............: Hitman.The.Complete.First.Season.PS4-GCMR
PS4 ID...........: CUSA-06508
Date.............: 08.03.2018
Region...........: [X] EU / [] US
FW Needed........: 4.55
Version..........: 01.00
Audio............: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish
Subtitles........: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish
Russian, Spanish (Latin America)

1. Unpack our release
2. Move .pkg root of exFat formated USB-stick
3. Use any PS4 payload out there to enable Package Installer
4. Go to Debug Settings-->Game-->Package installer
5. Install .pkg
6. Go and get a coffee or something while you wait game to install
7. Play the game

To all other PS4 groups out there.

NFO Fix: We fucked up CUSA last time around.

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