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Broken Sword 5

Broken Sword 5 PS4-BlaZe

Meet George Stobbart

Prepare once more to discover the dark side of Paris as George and Nico reunite to unravel the secrets behind a stolen painting…

Brought to life with stunning hand-drawn art and an original voice cast, Broken Sword 5 returns to where the series began: placing story and character at its very centre and you into a perilous world of intrigue and conspiracy.


Unseen dangers

Sink beneath the murky waters of ancient history and uncover a secret that’s as old as the written word itself. Mystery and peril lie in wait for George and Nico in a brand new adventure from point-and-click veterans, Revolution.

Discover the hidden story behind a bungled robbery as George Stobbart once again finds himself drawn into another ancient riddle. Filled with classic puzzle-driven gameplay and a deep and twisting narrative, you’ll be left wondering just how deep the rabbit hole goes.


Download (split 4GB each file) pt1



Supplier...: BlaZe TEAM           Release Date..: 16/02/2018
Ripper.....: BlaZe TEAM           Plataform.....: PS4
Protection.:                      N.Files.......: 52   x 100 mb
Packager...: BlaZe TEAM           Lenguage......: MULTI

We're Back again!!!
Dumped and tested in 4.05 PS4, Enjoy it!!!

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