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BlazBlue Central Fiction

BlazBlue Central Fiction PS4-BlaZe

BlazBlue: Central Fiction is the newest installment in the storied BlazBlue franchise and stands alone as the pinnacle of next gen 2D fighters! Like a well-timed 2D punch, BlazBlue: Central Fiction bashes massive amounts of content and innovation into one slick title that hits hard and keeps the pummeling steady!


Download (split 4GB each file) pt1







Supplier...: BlaZe TEAM           Release Date..: 17/03/2018
Ripper.....: BlaZe TEAM           Plataform.....: PS4
Protection.:                      N.Files.......: 79   x 250 mb
Packager...: BlaZe TEAM           Lenguage......: MULTI

Game ID: CUSA-04629 - EUROPE
Req. Firm: 3.55

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