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Bioshock The Collection 1 and 2

Bioshock The Collection 1 and 2 PROPER PS4-PROTOCOL

Bioshock: The Collection is a remastered collection of the BioShock video game series: BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite published by 2K Games. The collection features upgraded versions of these games to support higher display resolutions and framerates on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, with the sole exception of Infinite on Windows which already supported these features at its release. The collection was released on September 13, 2016 for consoles, while the Windows version was released on September 15, 2016. Existing owners of the first two games on Windows will receive these remastered versions these games offered as free upgrades.


Download (split 4GB each file) pt1








Bioshock The Collection 1 and 2

REL Date ...... : 14/04/2018             Platform  ..... : PS4 Fw 4.05
:  Game Type ..... : Shooter                Origin ........ : USA
.  Language     .. : English                Image Format .. : PKG

+> proto@col:~$ /release/.url <-------------------------------------+

+> proto@col:~$ /group/.notes <-------------------------------------+

Proper Reason: Previous release was improperly packed, and group has decided not to
repack their own release. Bioshock.The.Collection.1.and.2.EUR.CFW.405.PS4-MarvTM - invalid.rar.size MarvTM: No disrespect, this is just for archive purposes.


In order to play you will need :
- a PS4 with Firmware 4.05
- a computer to run the PS4 Exploit
Host :
or set your DNS to if you do not want to host

Usage Notes:

1. Run an Exploit on your PS4 with firmware 4.05.
2. Go to Debug Settings and then Game and Package Installer.
3. Use a exFAT formatted USB Stick with the pkg on it and install the game.
4. Start it and have fun!

- Enjoy !

+> proto@col:~$ /sbin/shutdown -h now <-----------------------------+ 040305

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