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Beserk and the Band of the Hawk PS4-LiGHTFORCE

Slash and smash your way through enemies and environments in the game based on the iconic manga and anime series Berserk. The game closely follows the events of the most well-known story arcs from Kentarou Miura’s iconic manga’s narrative, focusing on the daring and heroic life of Guts as he cuts his way through a sinister realm of magical and demonic fiends. Berserk fuses the signature ‘one versus thousands’ style action of the long-running Warriors franchise with the grim and gruesome atmosphere of the world of Berserk. As players harness the power of Guts’ Great Sword and utilize the swift and agile swordplay of Griffith to slash and smash through hordes of enemies, players familiar with the Warriors series will be able to feel the difference in gameplay through the way each character handles combat. Berserk also incorporates various battle mechanics to better bring the world of Berserk to life, such as Magic and Transformations.


Download (split 4GB each file) pt1






Proudly Presents:-

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk (c) Koei Tecmo

<--( Release Information )------------------------------------- ----- -->

Console System.: Sony Playstation 4    -  Region........: Europe
Game Type......: Action                -  Languages.....: English
Backup Format..: PKG                   -  Size/Format...: 20.24 GB
Release Date...: 2018-03-21            -  Orginal.......: Disc
Street Date....: 2017-02-24            -  Tested with...: FW 4.55 + HEN

Languages: English

Game Code: CUSA07406

Game Version: 1.01 (Update included)

<--( How to use this release)---------------------------------- ----- -->

1. Run an Exploit on your PS4 with firmware 4.55.
2. Go to Debug Settings and then Game and Package Installer.
3. Use a exFAT formatted USB Stick with the pkg on it and install the
4. Start it and have fun!

<--( Greetings / Respects )------------------------------------ ----- -->

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Contact: lfc1987 at

Ascii & Design by: Rotox! / Art Productions 2oo1.

LiGHTFoRCE'2o18 .

P R O U D L Y   |        |   P R E S E N T S


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    Hi, the last file link (part 5) for Berserk and the band of the hawk is dead and says link does not exist. Can you please re-up? Thanks


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      Link fixed.


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